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[IP] Re: the rights of blind pilots

> just some stuff to ponder as we debae on who is REALLY disabled and who is
> just a whiner...are does diabetes count as a "impairment that substantially
> limits a major life activity?"  I personally, happen to think YES IT IS.

Yeah, but while we're pondering, remind me NOT to fly United if these women win
their suit!  Egads!!


> ``Both employers and employees need to know what the correct rule of law
> is,'' said Aaron Hughes, lawyer for Karen Sutton and Kimberly Hinton,
> severely nearsighted twin sisters.  Ms. Sutton, of Spokane, Wash. and Ms. Hinton,
> of Petal, Miss., sued United
> Airlines for rejecting them from jobs as pilots. Their case comes before the
> court Wednesday.

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