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Re: [IP] Easy disease

At 04:12 AM 4/29/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
 >email @ redacted wrote:
 >> Of course during 'Nam it really didn't seem like a disability, I felt
 >> lucky to get a 4-F!
 >Gee, and they only gave me a 1-Y!

I was proclaimed to be A-1 prime cannon fodder and was sent 3 draft 
notices. Fought off two (still going to school), but the 3rd one wouldn't 
die... I joined the Air Farce instead and flew a desk for 4 years. It must 
have been stressful, because 9 years later I was declared diabetic. :-)

Seriously, I used to get low blood sugar once in awhile when I skipped 
meals, even back then... not real bad, but I definitely got dizzy a bit 
shaky and light-headed. Must have been a pre-cursor.


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