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Re: [IP] Diabetes is not Easy

In a message dated 4/29/99 7:35:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 As for Robin (why you continually mentioned Doreen I am unsure).  Her post 
 was in relation to her newly diagnosed child.  Do you remember what it was 
 like to be newly diagnosed.  The anguish and the loss of control.  The 
 feelings of why me and the helplessness that comes with being a parent and 
 you cant do anything.  I had my infant son die three yrs ago I love it when 
 people tell me I will get over it. As if you can ever get over the pain and 
 shock of life altering experiences.  I find your attack poor timing for a 
 who is experiencing grief at the loss of her healthy child.
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Kathleen I had a hard time with a miscarriage after three horrible days in 
the hospital the high risk pregnancy DR told me the baby had died that my 
increasing hormone levels were due to my placenta still trying to save the 
baby. After I enter the husband exchange program My first husband informed me 
he never forgave me for killing his baby with my diabetes. We both wanted 
that child I was three months pregnant I waited 2 months for Kaiser to refer 
me out. That paved the way for my two living childern.I should qualify for a 
job fighting insurance companies.I agree time will not heal that wound only 
make larger place in time that you don't think about every second. Peace be 
with you. Some Grandma in heaven is loving that baby until it is your time to 
be together. Amy  
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