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[IP] Young pumpers and tight control

I just read the post of the dangers of tight control for children.  I would
agree that tight control for kids on MDI is a risky thing, but I have found
that Lauren, 12.5, enjoys excellent control on the pump (A1c of 6.5) and
rarely has a serious low.  I do not remember a number below 55 and normally
Lauren's lowest low is above 60.  She almost never goes low and rebounds in
the night (maybe once or twice in the last 10 months) and almost never has
a reading below 70.  Perhaps we are fortunate that Lauren's Bgs are easy to
control.  I do think that tight control requires considerable diligence on
the part of the child and the parent.  I like to think that Lauren is
enjoying her childhood more with tight control on the pump than on looser
control on MDI.   She does every activity that she enjoys and she eats
everything she wants and when she wants.  And she feels alot better than
she did on MDI with a 7.5.  Her only compromise for feeling good and tight
control is that she tests her blood 5-7X a day.  She seems to be happy with
that compromise.

I do agree that a 6.5 on MDI is very risky for a child.  I also agree that
attempting tight control for a child on the pump is risky business if the
parent and child are not committed to doing the testing and analysis
necessary for safety.

Diane Massey
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