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Re: [IP] Slurpee carbs

> <<She does sleepovers, goes to camp for a couple of weeks in the
> summer (not D camp, regular camp), is super active in sports, skips
> meals, drinks slurpees, you name it.>>
> Alright, Michael, how many carbs in a Slurpee?  Haven't let Jenna
> indulge in that one yet, 'cause I haven't had any clue how many
> carbs in that gooey frozen mess.  She'd be delighted to know. 
> (Jenna boluses 1:15 for snacks).

OK, Lily tells me I lied ( a little ). Above should read "smoothie" 
from Baskin Robbins or Juice Club. They come in two sizes which we 
think are 12 and 16 oz. The little one Lily estimates is 30 - 45 
grams depending on what you put in it and she boluses accordingly. 
The folks at B&R are usually nice about weighing and measuring the 
ingredients if you explain that your diabetic and that you can have 
the "sugar" if you know exactly how much is in the drink, ice cream, 
whatever.... Many of these places actually put quite a bit more in 
than the "standard" serving given in the carb tables they publish, so 
weighing the ice cream is a useful exercise.


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