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[IP] Can someone help me understand

<<Last night about 9:30 pm I was
getting ready to shower when I noticed there was blood all over my leg and
under my tape.  I removed the set and it was bleeding heavily.  I got that
under control and put in a new set.  I checked my blood sugar and was 195
had large ketones.  My question is what could have caused this.>>

The needles do slide around under the skin a little, no matter what kind of
infusion set you use.  And occasionally, they just crash into one of the
little blood vessels that are under there, and bust 'em, and they bleed.
That's why pumpers have to check their sugar diligently, to detect pump and
site problems, and why one of the steps for troubleshooting an unexpected
high sugar is to check the site.  Jenna's only had it happen 3 times in 8
months, but whenever there's been blood, she hasn't been getting insulin.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

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