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[IP] Diabetes is Easy

Your children will be neurotic and you will be absolutely no good to them
when emergencies do occur.  Get all the education you can, make sure they
learn everything they can and be there when you need them.  Make sure that
their friends and teachers are knowledgeable and allow your children to
live.  There is no doubt that an issue will take place but they have to
learn to deal with them too.

I'm new here but I just wanted to know do you have children Jane? I mean for 
me(dx at age 16) I don't eat that Hershey's because I want to see my kids 
graduate from college, get married, have children, and see my grandchildren 
grow.  mind you I said SEE.  I am a little confused at your hostility to a 
group who are just trying to determine when to fight and when not to.  
Encompass it in our lives of course, but to roll over and play dead and say 
well big deal I have to live for today, sorry I want to live for today, 
tomorrow and for 50+ yrs.

As for Robin (why you continually mentioned Doreen I am unsure).  Her post 
was in relation to her newly diagnosed child.  Do you remember what it was 
like to be newly diagnosed.  The anguish and the loss of control.  The 
feelings of why me and the helplessness that comes with being a parent and 
you cant do anything.  I had my infant son die three yrs ago I love it when 
people tell me I will get over it. As if you can ever get over the pain and 
shock of life altering experiences.  I find your attack poor timing for a Mom 
who is experiencing grief at the loss of her healthy child.

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