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[IP] Lowering Basals

So, my question.....Have a lot of people had to decrease basals after
being on the pump for a period of time?  

Hi Barb:  Joanne Mc here..I think Erica and I have been pumping about the 
same amount of time.  I'm having to do some ajusting of basals now, too.  I 
WAS going along just great - no big problems.  The past 3 days have been a 
trial.  I've had to lower a nighttime and add a morning reading.  Thank 
goodness afternoon/evening are steady!  I am praying for a good nights sleep 
tonight.  That, in itself, will improve matters.  I know this, too, shall 

Now, don't get me wrong!  I's not complaining.  I'd rather have these 
problems than the ones I had on MDI anyday!  I still love my little pump.

Joanne Mc
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