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[IP] Neuropathy

Dear Kathleen,
 I have learned that you can regain the ability to recognize the symptoms=
hypoglycemia by avoiding having them. I know this sounds silly, but it ha=
worked for me since being on the pump for almost 2 yrs now. Before the pu=
was twice hospitalized for hypo's and on several other occasions found my=
unable to treat myself without assistance. I'm not sure whether you are o=
n the
pump now or not, or for how long, but it does eventually improve.And yes =
are too many kinds of neuropathies! I myself have at least 7 different fo=
But they also seem to be less severe since I started on the pump.
dxd 1971
pmpg '97

Well, that is good to hear Denise.  I have been on the pump since Monday but 
have had diabetes since 1982 and literally the last six yrs have been filled 
with hypos that have led to me seizing.  I am on seizure medication because 
of it.  Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to maintain the tight control 
that I had on MDI.  I will be looking forward to the return.

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