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Re: [IP] Diving with the big 'D'

I got certified when I was 12(PADI Junior Basic, then Open Water, and 
Advanced by 14).  That was the late 70's early 80's.  I used to keep the
glucose gel along and ate a couple snickers bars when before I started
gearing up on the boat. I didn't;t have a glucometer in those days, so it
was more hit and miss, but I loved diving, and just erred on the side of a
high bg as opposed to a reaction underwater....


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>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Diving with the big 'D'
>Date: Thu, Apr 29, 1999, 9:18 PM

> If you're really interested in diving, always take a couple of tubes
> of glucose gel with you in a zipped or snapped pocket. One or more
> other buddies should do the same. Water conducts heat away from your
> body 100's of times more efficiently than air, even with a wet suit
> in just moderately cool water. Lily has been skin diving with me in
> both Hawaii (no wet suit 82 degree water) and with 3/8 wet suit in 72
> degree water. In both locations, her blood sugar drops fairly quickly
> even without insulin. She require a steady carb intake of 15 - 20
> grams an hour to maintain stable blood sugars. Even then, with a
> starting bg of 120 - 150, she will get low an hour or two after we
> exit the water. It's fun, but you must take care. Not sure what would
> happen with SCUBA. She's never done it. When I SCUBA dive, I chill
> much quicker because the level of exertion is lower and I don't get
> the benefit of the body heat. With diabetes this could go either way
> I guess. One way or another, you loose tons of energy through the
> skin/water interface
>  Michael
> email @ redacted
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