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Re: [IP] Diabetes....

Hello friends:
I am a mom of two boys (maybe three with the husband) who has bee diabetic since 1964.  When I was on the pump 15 years ago communicating like this was only a dream.  I had one wonderful year on the pump and then experienced difficulties.  Well, I went back on the pump three days ago (different pump - BETTER technology).  I have noticed that the end of day two the infusion area begins to get irritated.  Is this something experienced by others as they start up and (please) does this go away?  I realize I have many new experiences ahead of me in the near future, but, never really ever having had sensitive skin, I didn't expect this and the (1st) site after only two days is itchy and bumpy...got any ideas?  I am so grateful for your wealth of experience and look forward to hearing any thoughts any of you have.  Thanks in advance - Trudi White