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[IP] Diving with the big 'D'

> I talked to a dive center here in Orlando, and I can get certified
> (PADI) with a note from my mommy (I mean my doctor).  Since one must
> always dive with a buddy, it is relatively safe.

If you're really interested in diving, always take a couple of tubes 
of glucose gel with you in a zipped or snapped pocket. One or more 
other buddies should do the same. Water conducts heat away from your 
body 100's of times more efficiently than air, even with a wet suit 
in just moderately cool water. Lily has been skin diving with me in 
both Hawaii (no wet suit 82 degree water) and with 3/8 wet suit in 72 
degree water. In both locations, her blood sugar drops fairly quickly 
even without insulin. She require a steady carb intake of 15 - 20 
grams an hour to maintain stable blood sugars. Even then, with a 
starting bg of 120 - 150, she will get low an hour or two after we 
exit the water. It's fun, but you must take care. Not sure what would 
happen with SCUBA. She's never done it. When I SCUBA dive, I chill 
much quicker because the level of exertion is lower and I don't get 
the benefit of the body heat. With diabetes this could go either way 
I guess. One way or another, you loose tons of energy through the 
skin/water interface

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