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Re: [IP] Thyroid

In a message dated 99-04-29 19:46:39 EDT, you write:

<< There is considerable evidence of thyroid diseases with both types of DM.
 Interesting -- I never before heard of any increased incidence of
 thyroid diseases in Type 2. >>

I did not say "increased incidence". Endocrine problems tend to be inherited  
(or a tendency) and some problems are environmentally induced or "triggered". 
In my work with both types of DM, there are many with thyroid conditions. 
Maybe I see more of this because our medical director is an endo. My own 
mother had hypothyroid diagnosed before her Type 2 DM. I have thyroiditis 
(same as she...immune antibodies destroy the thryroid), but so far, no 
DM...my brother has it. If you have access to medical literature, a search 
would locate some medical articles related to studies on both conditions in 
the same patient. Some families have other endocrine conditions, such as 
adrenal insuffiency, in addition to DM. This does not apply to all people 
with either type. I was just relating that there is sometimes a connection.
Barbara B.
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