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Re: [IP]Diabetes EASY DIsease??

Maybe it is the name, but I tend to concur.  I've been in hospitals in
Singapore, taken away from my kids, threatened never to see them again,
except on every other holiday, had my job threatened,  not be able to get
auto insurance, embarassed in public, cried for no reason in public, gotten
into fist fights, been told I would die, go blind, lose limbs, kill other
people with my car, and generally just felt crappy some days, due to lack of
control of this disease.  Not that I intentionally lacked control, or lost
control for a small period, but this stuff happened.

I guess I'm just a rugged diabetic individualist, to paraphrase Teddy
Roosevelt.  It may keep knocking me down, but I'll get back up again, it'll
never ever keep me down (Chumbawumba, sing along...)  For the part about
(nicely put) pee-ing the night away, I have my trusty clinitest tablets.

Anyway, what was said about having only a few years in this life is true.  I
know I'll die someday.  My goal is to put that day off as long as possible,
and enjoy the ride.  When my new friends feel sorry for me, I feel sorry for
them.  Everyone has their problems.  I have mine.  (feel free to let me
know)  My basic premise for saying this is insulin was discovered a few 70
years ago.  In the history of man, I am incredibly lucky to be born in a
country where insulin is cheap ($15/month for N, and $5 for R), reliable,
and available.  I am smart enough to realize that to get an education
increases my chances of having insurance pay for it.  I took the parable of
the talents seriously (I don't want to start a holy war here, it is just a
wise story).  I was given a gift, with strings attached and some parts
defective.  I intend to use it as fully as possible.


Father, caretaker, and daddy of 4 beautiful children.  dx'd 11/71, born
12/68, pumping 2/26/99, trained 3/12/99

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> <<a bit snipped off the top>>
> > I would say sorry for
> > getting on my soap box but I thought the purpose of this group is to
> > support but I guess you guys only mean technical support and God forbid
> > you don't post your reply just as some members want it. I can just
> > people to timid to even reply or ask a question due to the fear they
> > not do it correctly. Jef these statements are not directed a you the
> > happen to be poring out at the moment
> I think some of us may have taken the easy/hard statements a bit
> differently than expected.
> The support I was giving was support of hope. Certain people tend to give
> up when the slightest of ailments arise and that bothers me. Sure diabetes
> is far from just a 'slight ailment' but people giving in and calling it
> quits when it's possible to lead a perfectly healthy life bugs the heck
> out of me.
> I'm young and very healthy. Before I was diagnosed I almost never got
> sick (less than once a YEAR). For the past seven years I've lead pretty
> much the same lifestyle I always had, *AND* I'm still healthy.
> Like I said before, I have diabetes (type I) and NOBODY is going to call
> me disabled. :)
> -Jef
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