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Re: [IP] RE: Diabetes being "Easy"


I'm glad that you can embrass your diabetes, and have
no issues with dealing with and controlling your
diabetes.  Some people have a difficult time. Some
bodies just will not cooperate so that perfect control
can be reached.  I agree that we should not have a
pity party, and it would be great to not have diabetes
hinder our lives. But the truth of the matter is, it
does. For each of use, in varying degrees.  Wish it
was just so easy not to eat this, and eat more of
that. Take this amount for that etc.  There is no text
book case, educated doctors know this ( wish more of
them did than what really do).  We are all
individuals, with different metabolisms and genetic
makeup that makes our diabetes individualist too.  We
have to just do the best we can inspite of it all.

Christene Ullom

--- "Jane A. Dohrmann CPS" <email @ redacted>
> 	I'm really afraid I have to take issue with a lot
> of what's being said
> here. 


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