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Re: [IP] Can someone help me understand

email @ redacted wrote:
> I haven't been posting lately because I have been busy with school but I have
> a question.  I have been pumping for almost two years and have been lucky to
> have never had anything like this happen.  When I changed my set (sofset)
> Tuesday morning I put the new set in my hip.  I had no problems with
> insertion ,no pain or anything like that.  Last night about 9:30 pm I was
> getting ready to shower when I noticed there was blood all over my leg and
> under my tape.  I removed the set and it was bleeding heavily.  I got that
> under control and put in a new set.  I checked my blood sugar and was 195 but
> had large ketones.  My question is what could have caused this. 

I've found that putting a set on the hip can be a problem sometimes, it can 
catch on things when you're moving and get pushed or pulled causing problems.
Blood seepage as a result isn't really surprising, and it can stay hidden for
quite some time since the site is under clothing. 

 Had I not
> checked before the shower I never would have known it was bleeding.   Also ,
> what would cause me to have a 195 blood sugar and large ketones. Any thoughts
> will be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

Seems it wasn't delivering insulin INTO you, possibly it just flowed out with
blood. This definetly would lead to high bg and quite possibly ketoes as well,
you are effectively not receiving the insulin.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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