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Re: [IP] without the bulge.

At 02:07 AM 4/29/1999  Randall Winchester wrote:
 >That sort of goes along with the idea "to boldy test bg where no one has
 >tested before..."

Boy, that is a real challenge... so now we have to try to set a Guiness 
record each time we test? Let's see... has anyone tested while stuffed in a 
phone booth with 31 other people? Or, has anyone tried it while standing on 
their head without shoes? How about testing while lying prone in the middle 
lane of the local freeway during rush hour?

Caution!! Do not try this at home. Some locations may be dangerous to your 
health.  :-)

(Who just wants to test where he wants to, but not necessarily "where no 
one has tested before")
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