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Re: [IP] diabetes easy!?

In a message dated 04/29/1999 3:17:31 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< It is totally unbelievable to me that anyone on this list can say they 
 this disease is EASY! >>

No one ever said that diabetes was easy.   At least no one here or anyone who 
knows a diabetic.  Maybe some reporter or some jerk we may meet somewhere...

This thread started because of typical Net stuff... someone heard.. someone 
said...  and all of a sudden things got out of control and people are 
thinking that someone said diabetes is easy or that diabetes is not a 

I'm working on a FACTUAL post about the Supreme Court cases that are being 
argued at this time.  None of the cases being heard are about diabetes.  They 
have to do with eyesight and high blood pressure.  As far as I can tell, 
there has only been one case in any court concerning the ADA(Americans with 
Disabilities Act) and Diabetes and it was settled in a lower court.  I should 
have the details on this soon and will share them with you.

Diabetes is specifically mentioned in the Department of Justice's 
interpretation of the ADA.  It is highly doubtful that any Supreme Court 
decision will effect us in any way.   A type 2 that is controlled by diet 
alone may not be covered by the ADA but those taking insulin are in a 
different category.  A diabetic on insulin cannot be "corrected", only 
treated.  Even in its treated state there are still life altering events.  

So, go ahead and vent everyone.  We all need that at times.  

Marilyn (who is very thankful right now that she works for lawyers even 
though most times she thinks they are a pain in the #$%)

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