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[IP] diabetes easy!?

It is totally unbelievable to me that anyone on this list can say they believe
this disease is EASY! I joined on to this list for mainly the support aspect I
believed I would receive here.And I have definetly gotten a lot of it,
sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.How could any "educated" person
just knowing the statistics on what D.M. can do to a person with it, say this
is easy.I sometimes feel like D.M. is like a slow drawn out death in a
way.Yes, I agree the treatment options are much better than when I was dxd in
1971, but they are still NOT a cure! I have tried very hard to control my D.M.
over the last 29 yrs.Sure there were times when I was totally irresponsible
about my care,especilly after when you have done everything you are told and
it doesn't seem to make a difference in your control or how you feel. When I
first started having the gastro problems, all I heard was "just eat"! Like I
wouldn't if I could!? Then you hear things like,D.M. is no big deal, you just
have to take a shot every day.But these are the things you expect to hear from
someone who doesn't deal with this day after day.I on the other hand do, and I
also have a child with this disease.Even he did not realize what was involved
til he was Dxd.He has had D.M. approx 7 yrs and already has started to show
complications. And he is the picture of health to look at him. A very close
family member tells me all the time "they don't feel sorry for me, because I'm
too busy feeling sorry for myself", I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me,
I just want them to know that this disease is NOT easy to live with and it is
very easy to die from! I think anyone who has made the statement " this is an
easy disease", has not began to suffer from any of the debilitating and
sometimes, demeaning complications this disease all too often leads to.I guess
I just needed to express my feelings on this 'personal' issue.Maybe it's just
hormones speaking, unfortunately I know it isn't the hormone I wish!
dxd 1971
pmpg 97  

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