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[IP] Re Fast Take...Free one on its way!

I called the Canadian toll free # for LifeScan, concerning the strip
holder on Erica's profile being loose. I asked for a replacement, and
mentioned that we were  using the software for downloading readings and
graphing things....I like it.  Anyway, while I had her on the phone I
asked about the Fast Take...wondering if it would use the same
software.  She said it didn't.  I mentioned that I had a child on the
insulin pump and I was looking for a small monitor, easily pocketed in a
jacket/bike pack/school bag that Erica could take with her.  She does
have a glucometer at school, but it takes a while to countdown, uses a
big drop of blood, and is bulky.  Now that she is on the pump she has a
lot more freedom and we both feel better if she has a spare
machine....just in case.  Well, the customer rep  informed me that she
was sending me a Free Fast Take monitor start up kit (FedEX)with the
replacement part I wanted, and hoped Erica liked using it!  I know they
can afford to do this, they make a mint on strips, but it was still a
nice consumer friendly gesture to make.

Barb...who just cut back Erica's basal rates!

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