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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #103

 Has anyone else who can't pinpoint a virus or
illness that triggered their diabetes ever wondered if stress or emotional
state perhaps had anything to do with its onset?

I was diagnosed after a stressful fall term at college and breaking up with a
boyfriend of two years.  I didn't have any of the usual symptoms, except I had
lost about 5-10 lbs.  My diabetes was discovered during a routine check-up at
the doctor's  office...when they asked me how long I had been diabetic (because
my urine had so much sugar), I was shocked.  I had barely heard of diabetes and
definitely didn't know anything about the treatments.  In my small college town
I saw the general practitioner who gave me one of the pills that helps your
pancreas produce more insulin.  My blood sugars were running in the 300-400s,
and that was with taking the pills and fasting for a day prior to seeing the
doctor.  That lasted for about 5 months.  Thank goodness for the wonderful and
talented endocrinologist my mother took me to the day I got out of
college....started insulin that day.

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