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Re: [IP] Easy disease

At 06:41 AM 4/29/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>I too wanted to join the military, but after being told the same thing (no
>way, jose), 

Same here I wanted to join.  But after being Dx'd I knew that it was not
possible.  but the recruter kept calling and calling even after telling him
i had D. so one time i said "SURE I would like to meet with you to talk,
but i work graveyards and don't get off until 3am"  he agreed and said that
he would meet me at Denny's and after about 1 hour of talking i was about
to sign the papers when i asked "oh will being Diabetic matter?"  he just
got up paid the ticket and walked out.. h e  he and i have not heard from
him since.

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