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[IP] Parents of Diabetics/Sleepovers

I wanted to write about sleepovers and how that went for me growing up. 
I was diagnosed at age 4 and had many sleepovers during my youth.  May I
offer a few suggestions?

1. Remember that your children know when they aren't feeling right and
can tell someone.  Also, their friends will notice when they aren't
acting "themselves."  

2. Have sleepovers at your house.  At least for a start your child will
have that experience and his/her friends will know he/she likes going to

3. For sleepovers at friends houses...talk to the friends parents.  Tell
them about your son/daughters condition and see if they are comfortable
with looking out for him/her.  Most of my friends mothers wanted to know
more and were very supportive.  And/or ask the parents what the plans
for the evening are, what foods might be available, what games, etc.  

4. For piece of mind, if they have nighttime lows, reduce their insulin
some for that evening or encourage your son/daughter to eat more things
at the sleepover.  Many sleepovers involved smores, or popcorn/soda,
cake if it was a birthday, etc. in my day.

5. My first endo told my mother that sleepovers were the best thing for
me and for her.   He said it was an opportunity to act like a kid.  To
help counteract any lows that might occur I was allowed to eat some
things I wouldn't usually and if my blood sugars went a little high I
could correct them in the morning.  Best thing for my mom because she
could have a little time to herself. 

6. If you still are very worried about your son/daughter, offer to come
along for the sleepover.  If you are friends with the childs parents ask
if you could come over too.  You can socialize with the other childs
parents, play cards etc.  Help out with the multiple heard of kids, and
be there if your son needs anything.

This might not help you, but I thought I would share,
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