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Re: [IP] Young Pumpers

I can answer a couple of these
> 1)  How old to most people find their children to be before they'll
> let them bolus by themselves?
Dunno, Lily was 11 when dx'd and started right away
Just have to carbo count and run a calculator.
> (c) None of the above?
You are a phone call away! You could bring them home, determine and 
save the carbo count, and have your child call everytime anyway. 
Medical necessity.

> 2)  Should we try pumping straight humalog first and see how things
I'd start with H, don't experiment until you're comfortable and have 
a good first hand understanding of what to expect.

> 3)  I'm very happy with Kelly's control on shots, when we keep it
> between 80-180.  Should we be aiming for tighter control on the
> pump? 
Recent study somewhere?? Said tight control might not be a good idea 
for younger kids. Maybe send this question to Dr. Joe

J. Joseph Prendergast, M.D.     email @ redacted

he's Lily's doc and will answer e-mail questions

> I know about the results of the DCCT, but how likely are
> complications with an average Hba1c of 7.0?
You'll get just as good an answer from a fortune teller :-)
> And on a side note, I recently read the book, Needles, by Andie
> Dominick, one girls very sobering perspective of growing up with
> diabetes.  Highly recommend it, but definitely not a cheerful book.

It's on the Insulin Pumpers book list

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