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Re: [IP] Scope of Disability Law Questioned

On 26 Apr 99 at 23:17, email @ redacted wrote:

> I've spent my whole life trying to get people to stop treating me different
> because I have diabetes.  Other than things limited by law, there is nothing
> that a diabetic can't do that anyone else can.  
> Sara said that diabetes limits major life activity.  Natalie (the other 
> "SEra" lol said that it limits many daily activiites.
> I agree that some of the complications are life altering.  I'd love ot hear
> why you think diabetes in itself is.

There are many things that are limited or inhibited by diabetes and the 
treatment protocols...  Many people with diabetes have made career choices 
based on which employer's insurance covers diabetes supplies.  Many others have 
turned down opportunities because of the risk of losing coverage or changing 
insurance...  Many of us have had to alter our career path to adapt to our 
diabetes.  Some have even had to drop educational dreams and plans because they 
could not risk being unisured while in school...  

Many "spur of the moment" things get complicated by having to make sure that 
you've got sufficient supplies and having to plan ahead...  

For many people the constant effort, awareness and even fear of complications 
or of missing a shot, bolus or pill takes a mental toll.  This is a 
complication by itself that is not reconized by many in the medical community.  
There is a large amount of stress accompanying this condition and its 
treatment.  When the treatment is very successful the stress still remains.  
How many people have talked about guilt and the association with diabetes?  
Even though the guilt is not necessarily accurately targeted it still has an 

Even today, with the pump, when my son says "Daddy, let's go to the park" I 
have to make sure I collect my meter and "crash kit" so it will be in the 
car... I cannot just jump in the car and go...  

Many of these things are similar to what people with other handicaps or medical 
problems encounter - we all have to adapt our goals, plans and activities to 
allow us to continue to function.  For some this adaptation is minimal, but for 
others there is a long-lasting grief that they were never able to go to 
graduate school, get their pilot's license or pursue some other life interest 
because of the impact of diabetes...

We cannot downplay this grief held by some in the collective.  We cannot 
minimize it or say it doesn't exist.  We can celebrate those people who have 
discovered ways around the limitations or who discovered that the limitations 
didn't impact them as profoundly.  We can attempt to show each other how to get 
around the problems, deal with the grief and stand together.  We encourage each 
other by acceptance, problem solving and sometimes just plain listening to 
without judgement or fear of being minimalized or marginalized...  We are the 
collective of insulin pump users.  We will not be ignored... resistance is 

I'd better go check my bg...<g>

Randall P. Winchester
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