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[IP] Can someone help me understand

I haven't been posting lately because I have been busy with school but I have 
a question.  I have been pumping for almost two years and have been lucky to 
have never had anything like this happen.  When I changed my set (sofset) 
Tuesday morning I put the new set in my hip.  I had no problems with 
insertion ,no pain or anything like that.  Last night about 9:30 pm I was 
getting ready to shower when I noticed there was blood all over my leg and 
under my tape.  I removed the set and it was bleeding heavily.  I got that 
under control and put in a new set.  I checked my blood sugar and was 195 but 
had large ketones.  My question is what could have caused this.  Had I not 
checked before the shower I never would have known it was bleeding.   Also , 
what would cause me to have a 195 blood sugar and large ketones. Any thoughts 
will be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

              Cheri :)
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