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[IP] Young Pumpers

We're still waiting for our insurance to approve Kelly's pump-training
(VERY frustrating), but once again, I have a few questions for the
experienced parents in the group:

1)  How old to most people find their children to be before they'll let
them bolus by themselves?  Obviously, they need to be able to add, which
is still a ways off for a 5-yr old.  If they're too young to do it
themselves, and for example, a child brings cupcakes to school, do you :

(a) Have your child bring the treat home, like we do now on injections?
(b) Teach the teacher how to estimate the carbohydrates and bolus
accordingly?  (Which I'm not sure will even be legally permissible in
our school district.)
(c) None of the above?

2)  Should we try pumping straight humalog first and see how things work
out, or should we start off with the 5:1 ratio?

3)  I'm very happy with Kelly's control on shots, when we keep it
between 80-180.  Should we be aiming for tighter control on the pump?  I
know about the results of the DCCT, but how likely are complications
with an average Hba1c of 7.0?

Regarding viruses and the causes of Type 1, Kelly had no detectable
illness prior to diagnosis, and pretty minimal stress at the age of 3.

And on a side note, I recently read the book, Needles, by Andie
Dominick, one girls very sobering perspective of growing up with
diabetes.  Highly recommend it, but definitely not a cheerful book.

Thank you for all your help.

Mary, Kelly's Mom, Pumping soon

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