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Re: [IP]Diabetes EASY DIsease??

<<a bit snipped off the top>>
> I would say sorry for 
> getting on my soap box but I thought the purpose of this group is to provided 
> support but I guess you guys only mean technical support and God forbid if 
> you don't post your reply just as some members want it. I can just imagine 
> people to timid to even reply or ask a question due to the fear they might 
> not do it correctly. Jef these statements are not directed a you the just 
> happen to be poring out at the moment

I think some of us may have taken the easy/hard statements a bit
differently than expected.

The support I was giving was support of hope. Certain people tend to give
up when the slightest of ailments arise and that bothers me. Sure diabetes
is far from just a 'slight ailment' but people giving in and calling it
quits when it's possible to lead a perfectly healthy life bugs the heck
out of me. 

I'm young and very healthy. Before I was diagnosed I almost never got
sick (less than once a YEAR). For the past seven years I've lead pretty
much the same lifestyle I always had, *AND* I'm still healthy.

Like I said before, I have diabetes (type I) and NOBODY is going to call
me disabled. :)


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