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Re: [IP]Diabetes EASY DIsease??

In a message dated 4/29/99 5:53:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 On Wed, 28 Apr 1999 email @ redacted wrote:
 > Jef how long have you had diabetes?
 I've had diabetes for 7 years now. Currently I *don't* have a pump but I'm
 being educated by my endo/nurse/dietician and should be pumping is a few
 weeks. For the past 7 years I've been on MDI. If you want me to bore you
 with my MDI schedule, I could post it here....
 -Jef >>
Jef I have had diabetes for 25yrs this July I was 15 when a had it for 7yrs 
At that point I was very rebellious I would go days without taking a shot eat 
a box of dounghts and somehow my body would tolerate this abuse. Now if I eat 
more than 1 dounght I throw up. If I forget my pump after a shower I'm sick 
within 2hrs.I thank you are blessed to develop diabetes in this time when 
they are so close to finding a cure.25 yrs ago diabetes management was very 
different. Urine testing to figure out bs levels,Drs constantly telling a 
7yrs old about going blind and losing limbs.Lovely glass IV bottles that 
rattled against the IV pole when you walk Spending holidays in the hospital, 
Watching other kids eat goodies at every stinking party at school, I really 
hate having diabetes but I'm thankful I was at least born in a time when 
there was insulin and once a hit my child bearing years there were medical 
advances that allowed me to have two heathly children In the 1970 diabetic 
mothers had a 20% chance of having a healthy baby. I would say sorry for 
getting on my soap box but I thought the purpose of this group is to provided 
support but I guess you guys only mean technical support and God forbid if 
you don't post your reply just as some members want it. I can just imagine 
people to timid to even reply or ask a question due to the fear they might 
not do it correctly. Jef these statements are not directed a you the just 
happen to be poring out at the moment
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