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Re: [IP] RE: Diabetes being "Easy"

>  I apologize if I anger anyone but you all remind me of my Mom.  I
>  was ten
> years old when I was diagnosed and initially, she would not allow me
> to do much of anything.  
> We're only here on this beautiful earth for a short time. 
> Make the most of every minute with your children and family. 
> Diabetes should not ruin your life.  It should be encompassed in
> your way of life. 

Here, here!!

When Lily was dx'd she was supposed to leave on a trip to Hawaii with 
a girlfriend and her parents that Friday (dx'd monday). The docs said 
"no way" but Mimi and I were determined that she should not be 
limited by the big D. The parents of her friend (bless their hearts). 
Joined us at the hospital for the "education vigil" and we sprung 
Lily on Thursday for the trip.

Parents, please try to make your kids lives as normal as possible, do 
what it takes.

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