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[IP] Discuss the effects of fat/protien in meal on later BS levels

Since going on the pump it has been great how I can more readily see the
effects of food on my blood sugars, unlike with a few injections.

One thing that has me puzzled in how to handle are meals with high fat
and protien content.  As everyone know you bolus, you eat, an hour later
your BS is fine and 2 hours later or more they start skyrocketing!

My first dilema is trying to determine at what ratio of fat and/or
protien in a meal that this occurs.

Secondly how to fight the highs later.  I worry about taking to big of a
square on the dual and ending up going low.  (I can not tell that I am
low, I have been as low as 19 and still walking and talking fine).

I was wondering if anyone out there has managed to figure this out and
keep their BS within normal range the hours following??

Thank You.

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