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[IP] RE: Diabetes being "Easy"

	I'm really afraid I have to take issue with a lot of what's being said
here.  There is no question that diabetes is a 24-7 type of illness but it
IS the 90's and the time has come for those of us with it (33 years for me)
and those of you with children, siblings, parents, spouses to stop sniveling
and take hold of it instead of "it" taking hold of you.
	Your children will be neurotic and you will be absolutely no good to them
when emergencies do occur.  Get all the education you can, make sure they
learn everything they can and be there when you need them.  Make sure that
their friends and teachers are knowledgeable and allow your children to
live.  There is no doubt that an issue will take place but they have to
learn to deal with them too.
	I apologize if I anger anyone but you all remind me of my Mom.  I was ten
years old when I was diagnosed and initially, she would not allow me to do
much of anything.  I was thinking there was something really wrong with me.
The disease I have is manageable and controllable but creating the stress
that it sounds like is taking place with several of you  can only create
more problems for you and your children.
	I agree with whoever it was that said to go and have a Hershey bar or take
a walk.  We're only here on this beautiful earth for a short time.  Make the
most of every minute with your children and family.  Diabetes should not
ruin your life.  It should be encompassed in your way of life.  It's not
horrible if you take care of it -- don't let it take care of you.  The
stress that I hear in each of your voices is going to ruin you and your
family and then the diabetes will have won.
	To you, Doreen, in particular, you need to find a new family.  Forgive me
but what the hell is wrong with them?  I can relate to that only because I
have an older sister who has blamed me for years for getting more attention
than she because of my "goddamned diabetes" -- as if I had a choice in the
matter.  I dated a young man in the 70's and when his father found out I was
diabetic, he forbid us to see one another.  He had done some "research" (in
a set of encyclopedias that were older than God) that people with diabetes
die from the disease.  How sad.  The man recently passed away . . . he was
overweight, stressed to the limit and yup, you guessed it, diabetic himself.
Whatever you do, you make sure your child knows that there is nothing wrong
with him/her.  Maybe your family needs counseling.  They sure need to move
into the 90's with the rest of us.
	I wish you all a pleasant day.
	email @ redacted (as of May 1)

	Easy? How do you tell an 11 year old when he would rather play Nintendo
that  it is time to check his 	blood, take his shot, and pee on a stick...
 	Easy? When I have to deny him sleeping over a friends house, and here him
say   "I'm sorry, I can't until I 	get my diabetes under control."
 	I try not to awful-ize this to Kevin, but I feel like it was ME that got
diabetes that night that he almost 	died....but I doubt it would crush me
this  much if it WAS me!

 	We have not reached a normal day but maybe once a week if we are lucky.
Hopefully going on the pump 	next week will change my outlook. But for now,
I  say  EASY....I dont think so.  Sorry, it has been a hard few 	days of
blood sugars, (30's to 300's in one  day) and bloody noses, and child who
wonders "why me?"

	 Robin >>

	This is the first reply I have heard to this that I agree with. When it is
your child ,everything changes. My 	kids have missed out on a lot because of
diabetes. My 14 year old daughter never slept over anyones 	house til this
year because she had hypoglycemic seizures at night. Both of my kids get
very upset when 	their friends talk about long weekends at their
grandparents. My family is afraid of my kids diabetes. I 	have educated and
explained and tried to simplify this til I'm blue in the face!!! These
people are ignorant 	idiots who don't seem to understand what this does to a
kid.         Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers (who has 	also been having some really
shitty days lately!!!!!)

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