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Re: [IP] ADD/Diabetes Question

>Just looking for answers re: diabetic children being miss diagnosed with

ADD is there all the time.  In MN, the history must be long-standing, it
must be pervasive in all enviornments and occur at all times, and it must
adversely affect academic performance.  Nationally, it is the most
over-dianosed "condition" of students at risk.

>My daughter and I were at a phsycologist for our constant power struggling.
>The doctor thinks it is definitly ADD from the sounds of it. I don't think
>that this is the case or the solution. I think it is because of her blood
>sugars. But, she has been just as difficult during high, low and good,
>blood glucose levels. And just as attentive and wonderful with the same
>blood glucose levels also.

Go with your gut feeling.  Consult your local school district, department
of special education.


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