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Re: [IP] ADD/Diabetes Question

Shannon Rowland wrote:
> Just looking for answers re: diabetic children being miss diagnosed with
> ADD.
> My daughter and I were at a phsycologist for our constant power struggling.
> The doctor thinks it is definitly ADD from the sounds of it. I don't think
> that this is the case or the solution. I think it is because of her blood
> sugars. But, she has been just as difficult during high, low and good,
> blood glucose levels. And just as attentive and wonderful with the same
> blood glucose levels also.

Shannon, I think you already have the clue:  that her "difficultness"
AND her "wonderfulness" occur without correlation to her BG levels. So I
don't think it's the diabetes causing her problems.

PLEASE don't use the diabetes as an excuse to deny your daughter's
problems -- her life is tough enough as it is, and what she really needs
is a loving and supportive mom who will remember what a beautiful,
worthwhile, lovable human being she is, and who will get her the help
she needs. 

ADD is no different from diabetes in the sense that, although the child
LOOKS normal, there really IS something amiss, and the child really DOES
need help to function properly and grow up to be the confident,
competent adult she was intended to be.

And if it's not ADD, but rather something else that is causing her
problems, you still need to find out what it is; don't just attribute it
to the diabetes and brush it off -- do something now to avoid future
problems for the sake of your precious child!



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