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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps and Magnets

There's nothing the insulin pump that can be harmed by any magnet you are
able to carry with you.  The real danger with having lots of small magnets
around these days is that they can do real serious damage to  magnetic
storage media, like hard drives and floppies. If you are worried about
computer viruses and Y2K problems, you ought to be equally worried about
leaning back relaxing, and putting your magnetic foot up on the desk and
destroying disk files.  :-)

<I don't know if the magnet could hurt your pump but they can make a watch run
<backwards. (the magnet doesn't have to be that big.  A friend of mine had a
<magnet in her purse (placed there by a child) and her watch keep running
<backward until she switched the side her purse was on.  She finally
figured out
<what caused it and took the magnet out.  I would be cautious in regard to the
<pump just to be on the safe sid.

* Wayne *

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