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Re: [IP] Badly Crimped Site, BUT Low Sugars...any explanations?

email @ redacted writes:

<< Then tonight, my husband showed me the Silhouette he took
 > out after putting the new one in.  I swear, it was just like the letter
 > 'Z' and it was in for the past three days!! Two significant kinks in
 > it!  So, I was very perplexed.  Why weren't her sugars high with a crimp
 > like that?? >>

Laura's look like that as well.  She never had "high" blood sugars either BUT 
we switched to the rapids and her blood sugars were considerably lower.  
Before they always ran in the 100s and now they are running in the 80s and if 
anything we have to watch her and keep her from getting low.  The first time 
we tried a rapid we didnt like it as it "popped" back out on us and laura 
threw a fit but now we think they are terrific and can leave them in for a 
FULL 3.5 days where as with the SIls/tenders we were getting 3 days as best 
and sometimes less.  If we continue to use the Rapids (and I think we will) I 
think we will eventually need to lower the basals as she runs a little too 
low for my comfort.  But this is definitely another YMMV situation.  

The tenders really look odd when they come out dont they??????????

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