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Re: [IP] Causes of Type 1 (stress?)

In a message dated 4/28/99 9:54:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Has anyone else who can't pinpoint a virus or 
 illness that triggered their diabetes ever wondered if stress or emotional 
 state perhaps had anything to do with its onset?
		My 12 year old son developed type 1 after surgery for a tumor 
in his thigh muscle.  Up until it was taken out and biopsied they told us 
there was a high suspicion of malignancy(thankfully it wasn't), so of course 
we were STRESSED and worried.  Well 7 weeks after surgery he came home from 
school not feeling well (and already having 2 D kids) I tested him because of 
the symptoms he described and found a BG of 287.....When we saw the endo 
later that day, I asked him about the surgery having anything to do with him 
developing D and he said that YES, the stress can be emotional or physical 
that triggers the process of the Beta cell attack.  In my son's case it was a 
combination of the 2.......6 weeks of MRI's, needle biopsies, X-rays and 
blood tests all pointing to malignancy.....MAJOR stress and then the surgery 
itself to remove the tumor which was deeply embedded in the muscle.  In fact 
the endo said he would probably place most of the weight on the emotional 
stress here than the physical.  Yours could definitely have been triggered by 
major stress.

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