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[IP] Kraft foods...Fw: 6592465

Hi all,
My letter to them is at the bottom

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From: Kraft_Onlineteam1 <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 1:22 PM
Subject: 6592465

> Thanks for visiting our Web site.
> We appreciate your interest in our company.
> As you probably know, Kraft Foods, like many other large food companies,
> receives a large number of suggestions from consumers and entrepreneurs.
> also employ hundreds of staff whose responsibilities are to develop ideas
> for new products, tools, product extensions, marketing and promotion
> concepts, new packaging designs and recipes.  Because we wish to avoid any
> misunderstandings which could compromise valuable work independently
> developed by our employees or professional consultants, we cannot accept
> many of the ideas that our brought to our attention.  Unfortunately, we
> decline consideration of your idea.  Please understand, however, that this
> is not a judgment of the quality of your suggestion.
> Please add our site to your bookmarks, and visit us again soon!
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> comments:
> Hi,
> I would like to have Crystal Light in juice boxes.  I like this stuff, and
> I'm diabetic, so I have to buy it.  Moreover, I have four children, aged
> who drink only diet stuff (because of dad...)  Start with Lemonade...
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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