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Re: [IP] ADD/Diabetes Question

In a message dated 4/28/99 10:22:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Just looking for answers re: diabetic children being miss diagnosed with
 My daughter and I were at a physiologist for our constant power struggling.
 The doctor thinks it is definitly ADD from the sounds of it. I don't think
 that this is the case or the solution. I think it is because of her blood
 sugars. But, she has been just as difficult during high, low and good,
 blood glucose levels. And just as attentive and wonderful with the same
 blood glucose levels also. 
 I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this same scenario and found
 out that it "was" or "was not" ADD.
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   Shannon I'm 31 diabetes for 25 years Last year I was dx with ADD and 
depession anxiety disorder. The med for depression is zoloft and I am a lot 
easier to get along with since being on it. My 6yr old has been on zoloft for 
almost a year she can now get in and out of the car without having a 10 min 
hessyfit.The ADD is treated with Adderall.All the ADD meds change you're 
needs for insulin.When my adderall wears off my bloodsugar drops drasticly if 
it were my child w/diabetes I would only use add meds if her school work is 
suffering.Zoloft was easy for my daughter and myself to take and it even 
helped correct part of her learning disability. If you need more infor send 
me an e-mail email @ redacted Good luck Amy
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