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Re: [IP] Causes of Type 1 (stress?)

At 09:44 PM 4/28/1999  Michael wrote:
 >All these things, stress, cold, virus, etc.. are the straw that
 >breaks the camels back. There is a good article -- somewhere-- on the
 >web that I've read by a medpro that explains what happens to the beta
 >cells and how long it takes for them to get zapped. Think about how
 >long the "honeymoon" lasts. The pancreas gets put under more and more
 >load as there are fewer 'live' beta cells. Finally some "stress"
 >event come along that pushes you over the edge and you start to
 >become DKA, loose weight, pee a lot, etc..... It's just the final

Yep... that's exactly what happened to me... at age 37, I was under a lot 
of pressure at work and after a number of months of this, I was diagnosed. 
Shortly after starting insulin, I got a honeymoon... it was nice for about 
6-7 months. Then, I got a new job and we moved from LA to Portland... both 
stressful events. Guess what... the honeymoon was soon over.

Since stress can be either mental or physical (like an illness) you never 
know what's going to trigger diabetes. So does this mean that if I had 
lived a totally stress-free life, I'd never have come down with it?? Just 
kidding... life (by definition) is stressful and to exist without any 
stress at all, you'd have to almost be in a coma. Oh well...


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