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Re: [IP] Diabetes a easy disease?

Hi Robin,
   My heart goes out to you, I have 2 teenagers 18 & 15 and I know all the 
worries I have, how much harder it would be if one of them were to be 
diabetic instead of me.   I've spent many sleepless nights when they were 
sick or now if they don't get home when I expect them to.  I know as mothers 
we sure do worry.  But by the way you sound to me Kevin's in great hands and 
after much thought on this myself, the pump is the way to go. I hope ( the 
pump ) this will be something wonderful in Kevin Life and It's great you'll 
soon be getting it.  I know theres no use in telling you not to worry ( from 
a mom to a mom ) !      But just remember we a least live in the 90's and 
theres so much advancement that has been made, and with all use diabetics out 
there-the future should hold some pretty amazing stuff!        Go watch a 
funny show on Tv or do some thing to give your self a break from all the 
worrys,   Go eat something chocolate !!!!!!!    take care *     Rosie   * 
Waiting for my own Minimed!
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