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Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

Brandon got diabetes three weeks after lithotripsy for a nasty kidney stone.
What a mess for a 9-year-old whose been told by his urologist to drink,
drink, drink!  Sure masked the symptoms for us.  He also had a bad case of
Henoch-Schonein purpura about two years prior that probably set things in
motion.  What can you do?

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Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 11:22 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Gestational Diabetes

>> that, and no family history.  I always figured it was that curse my older
>> brother put on me when I was three. :-)  But seriously, can diabetes be
>> stimulated by Chicken Pox?
>Basically the process that attacks the pancreas happens relatively
>slowly. When something like a cold, flu, chicken pox, whatever comes
>along, additional demands are put on your body for energy etc.... The
>poor old beta cells that are left just can't keep up and you go over a
>cliff - so to speak. There is another theory that there is a viral
>trigger for the process that attacks the beta cells. From your
>description, that probably wasn't what happened.
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