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Re: [IP] Diabetes a easy disease?

> Easy? When I have to deny him sleeping over a friends house, and
> here him say "I'm sorry, I can't until I get my diabetes under
> control."

> We have not reached a normal day but maybe once a week if we are
> lucky. Hopefully going on the pump next week will change my outlook.
> But for now, I say  EASY....I dont think so.
Take heart! Lily was 11 when dx'd and 11 1/2 when she got her pump.
She does sleepovers, goes to camp for a couple of weeks in the summer 
(not D camp, regular camp), is super active in sports, skips meals, 
drinks slurpees, you name it. I won't kid you, it's not without 
problems, but it's a heck of a lot better than the first 6 months on 
shots and a schedule. We had our little girl back the day she got her 
pump!!! smile, glow and all!!!

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