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Re: [IP]Diabetes EASY DIsease??

Does the person that says it is an easy disease have diabetes?  If so, I'll
trade with them.  If its so easy why am I having to stick my finger 8-15 times a
day?, watch everything that goes into my mouth?, be careful when I exercise,
feel tired most of the time, go to the doctor every time I turn around, 
postpone necessary surgery, check my pee, have blood drawn at least every 3
months, be denied for insurance, have to prove that Im not a threat while
driving (Maryland MVA makes you supply a letter from your doctor), spend lots of
money on supplies just to keep healthy.  Why do I feel guilty for having high
blood sugars when Im trying so hard if it is so easy?

Is Diabetes an Easy disease?  NO!  Can it be controlled? Yes, if given the right
help. But there will always be times when it isn't controlled for some reason or
another.  For those who have an easy time of it Im really glad but for those of
us who don't it is a disability.  And yet for others complications have made
them diabled. (Diabetes isn't a disability that is so evident that it jumps out
at you.  Some days it appears nothing is wrong at all, other days its as if
everything is wrong.)  If there was a simply solution we would all be going for
it. Diabetes is ever changing. It's never simple and it affects every aspect of
our lives. 

Some doctors make it seem that it should be easy, but its not.   Sorry so long,
Just had to get this off my chest.

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