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[IP] homeschooling

st out of curiosity has anyone considered homeschooling their child because 
of the day in-day out turmoil caused from the diabetes.  We originally had 
problems with an IEP with our daughter's school but once we got that ironed 
out things have gone as smooth (I guess as smooth as one can get) with a 
younger child on a pump.   

A year ago I would have NEVER considered homeschooling but now after a 
particular weary day I must confess the idea appeals more and more to 
me........... "

My daughter doesn't have diabetes but she is severely allergic to many things 
and gets immunotherapy and needs to carry an epipen Jr.  She started 
kindergarten last yr.  They informed us only a school nurse could give the 
intramuscular injection and the nurse was only there 3 days a week for 3 
hours.  The three hours were in the morning and my daughter was in afternoon 

I fought the policy but in the mean time I took my daughter out of school and 
home schooled her for 4 mos.  It surely wasn't worth my daughters life.  I 
mean if I fought the policy without taking her out and she had a reaction all 
they would do is call 911.  She would be dead before anyone got there.

It isn't an easy decision and I hope you can find what is best but sometimes 
the school system gives you no choice.  And of course you would pick your 
child's health over their rules.

Good luck

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