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[IP] Badly Crimped Site, BUT Low Sugars...any explanations?

Hi folks,
The past three days Erica has had a number of lows each day. We haven't
seen this since before she went on the pump 5 weeks ago.   During
school, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening....it didn't
seem to matter.  Some of them just did not make sense, others I could
chalk up to exercise catching up with her, but I was just trying to
rationalize things.  I figured we were back to the drawing board with
basal rates.  Then tonight, my husband showed me the Silhouette he took
out after putting the new one in.  I swear, it was just like the letter
'Z' and it was in for the past three days!! Two significant kinks in
it!  So, I was very perplexed.  Why weren't her sugars high with a crimp
like that??

Does this theory make any sense at all?  The crimp was enough to cause a
slowdown in her receiving of basal rates.  Maybe once there was enough
pressure behind it, a bunch would  push through and she would end up
with a low, but she was still receiving the necessary basal. Does that
make any sense?   The sugars were good, no highs, just lots of lows.
There were no 'nodelivery alarms', and like I said, no high sugars to
alert us to the fact she might not be getting her insulin.  She gets a
very small rate of insulin so it would take hours for a no delivery
alarm to go off, by then she would certainly be high.  If it was just a
very crimped site that worked great for some reason, then I had better
watch those sugars tonight with a new site in.  She may go hypo.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one????  Has anyone had something
similar happen to them?

Tks pumpers
Barb...who is still VERY happy...just stumped :-)

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