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Re: [IP]Diabetes EASY DIsease??

Ginny Kloth wrote:
> I think the world has gone crazy. On another list there is discussion about
> the
> ADA leagl cases before the supreme court. one person called the ADA to see
> what
> this is going about. One of the cases is about diabetes.
> This person thinks diabetes is not a disability because it is a "disease that
> is easily regulated by food, meds and taking bgs"

Sure, and it's "Cured" by proper medication too...... This kind of thing is
so ridiculous.

> I am in the process of writing back to her.
> I do not think diabetes is an "easy" disease to have.
> Do any of you think it is an easy disease?


> If not why not?

It tends to kill people at a younger age than normal, and may blind us, cause
amputations, kidney disease, heart disease, and neuropathy of many different 
varieties. If it's so easy, how come we need to spent time taking blood tests, 
attaching insuln pumps, eating carefully wherever we go, and all the rest of it?

It MAY be liveable, and is at least realistic to expect some quality of life 
compared to when I was diagnosed in 1956, but is NOT easy. 

> If so why is it an "easy" disease?
> Am I nutz? I do not think this is an easy disease at all!
> Is it a disability? Well it affects life in a major way.
> Do you think it is a disability?

Absolutely, which is likely why it's written into the ADA AS a disability.
If nothing else it can and is used as a reason to denigrate people both
professionally and personnally. Been there more times than I can count,
lost a good job because of it after suffering 5 years of discrimination on
the job BECAUSE I'm a diabetic and can't prove I won't faint from it. even
though I never had while on that job over a period of 9 years. SURE, it's

Ted Quick
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