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[IP] Help with Basal rate please!!!!I can't get it right!

Richard:  Here are my thoughts:

You say that you "can wakeup at say around 6:30am and [your] sugar will be
95 and then it will steadly increase and by 11:30am it could be 180. "

This is my pattern EXACTLY.  My endo says its not a dawn effect, but rather
insulin insensitivity in the morning hours.  You need to increase basal
rates to cover for this.  Your post says you increase to 1.1 but at 9:00.
This is TOO LATE.  Even H takes an hour to work and your increase is
starting around 7:00.  Try increasing the basal earlier than 9:00, working
back gradually to 6:00.  The .1 increase may not be enough.

You also have to realize that this insulin insensitivity applies to boluses
for breakfast in the morning.  You need to go down on your carb/unit ratio.
Again, do it gradually.  You say you don't eat braekfast often but if you
eat something once in a while, and don't get the bolus right, it makes it
look like your morning increase is arbitrary (which it isn't).

The interaction of bolus and basal increases may be why you see this rise
sometimes, but not always.  With two variables going on, its hard to see
what causes what.  Try skipping breakfasts and don't eat anything  till
11:00 untill you get the basal increases set.  Then, start eating breakfasts
to determine the correct ratio for morning hour meals.

FYI:  My basal is generally .6 all the time except between 6:00 to 11:00 am
when it is .9.  I do temporary increases and decreases for fatty meals and
exercise but the only "natural" change I have is during the period you

Good luck


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