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Re: [IP] Help with Basal rate please!!!!I can't get it right!

In a message dated 99-04-27 23:39:27 EDT, you write:

<< My problem is in the early morning I tend to have a steady increae in
 blood sugar without eating a thing.  I can wakeup at say around 6:30am
 and my sugar will be 95 and then it will steadly increase and by 11:30am
 it could be 180.  >>

Oh, the body has a unique way of trying to maintain a glucose level when you 
aren't eating. Your metabolism might think you are starving and dump glucose 
from the liver when you don't eat. Also, many people find they need a morning 
basal rate close to 2 times the rate while sleeping. If 95 on waking, then 
why not test hourly when skipping breakfast and turn those BG tests into a 
basal rate test. You will get some valuable info on when to increase the 
basal rate later in the morning...usually about an hour before you see the 
rise start (with Humalog) Not all people have the "usual" dawn phenomenon. 
Have you don the overnight basal test at least 2 times to see if the 
overnight rate is correct and the early wake up rate is correct. You might 
need to do this over several weeks to identify a pattern.
Barbara B.
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