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Re: [IP] Causes of Type 1

email @ redacted wrote:
> what is coxsakie virus

Actually it's Coxsackie "B" virus. It was found in overwhelming amounts in a 
just diagnosed 6 year old boy in a hospital in Coxsackie (NY?) some years ago.
I haven't ever herd what Coxsackie "A" was, not that it matters here. 

Anyway, it was thought at the time that the Coxsackie "B" virus was most likely
the cause of him, annd presumaby others, developing Type 1 diabetes. Thing is 
that the virus looks too much like the pancereas's Beta (insulin producing) 
cells, so certain people without a finely enough focused immune system sends
out antibodies that efficientlykill BOTH the Coxsakie "B" (or another virus 
like it) as well as the Beta cells....... leading to a new Type 1 diabetic 
appearing rather suddenly.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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